District Wide Broadcast Message

Have Questions?

Start/Dismissal Times

Start Time for Kindergarten/First Grade:  8:40 AM
Dismissal Time for Kindergarten/First Grade:  3:31 PM
2-Hour Early Release Dismissal Time:  1:31 PM

Suggested Supply List

Preschool –
• lunch bags (white or brown)
• plastic spoons and knives
• white paper plates (large or small)
• Sticky /Post It notes
Kindergarten – 
• #2 pencils
• pink erasers
• school glue
• washable or dry erase markers
• Crayola crayons (8-24 count)
• Water-color paints (palette)
First Grade – 
• Crayola crayons (16-24 count)
• markers – thin or broad tip
• dry-erase markers
• highlighters
• #2 pencils/ black or blue stick pens (Bic or Flair)
• pencil-top erasers or pink erasers

Please note – Cedar Springs Public Schools will ensure that your child has everything they need to learn. A donation of classroom supplies is not required, but is greatly appreciated.


At what temperature do the students stay inside for recess?
We keep our students inside for recess if the windchill is 0 or below.
Do I need to call the office if my child will be absent from school?
We would like you to call our office at (616) 696-9884 if your child will be absent from school for any reason. Always knowing that our students are with their parents ensures us that they are safe.
Can my child bring medication to school?
School policy prohibits prescription medication be dispensed at school without a medication form signed by both parent and physician. Over the counter medications also require the completion of the form with the parent signature prior to dispensing. For the safety of all children, please make arrangements for all medications to be brought to the office by an adult. Click here for the Medication Permission form or contact us to send one home with your student to insure that this procedure is followed.
Can I bake snacks for my child's class?
The only snacks that can be distributed to classrooms are ones that have been baked in a licensed kitchen or are pre-packaged from the store. The Cedar Springs Public Schools kitchen offers a variety of snacks you can purchase also.


The staff of Cedar Trails Elementary, in cooperation with parents and the community, believe that all students can learn. We will create a positive environment where students, school staff, parents and community work together toward the development of the whole child; social, emotional, academic and physical.