In The Art Room with Mr. VanderLugt

The young artists at Cedar Trails Elementary have been busy creating Art which expresses the experiences of a child watching the seasons change here in the great State of Michigan. Many of our Kindergarten and First Grade Fine Arts academic standards center upon the natural environment and a child's experience playing in and exploring the great outdoors.
Over the course of first weeks and months of the school year Art at Cedar Trails reflects the many indications of the changing of seasons as experienced through the eyes of a child. Specifically, the budding artists at Cedar Trails have studied the concepts of overlapping and layering through the creation of beautiful, colorful leaf art. And most recently they have been developing their fine motor skills by cutting, arranging, and gluing shapes to create beautiful snowbirds perched upon branches in a wintry setting. As the school year progresses Cedar Trails artists will continue to develop their understanding of primary and secondary colors, as well as many of the other Elements of Design, including Shape, Value, Texture, Space, and Line. What a joy it is to create wonderful Art with these enthusiastic young artists!