Surprise Visitor to Ms. Shoffner's Class

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Mrs. Shoffner’s Kindergarteners Welcome a Surprise Visit From Mrs. Clark, Cedar Springs Public Librarian!
Mrs. Shoffner’s Class started the school year with a reading goal. They wanted to read 500 books by Red Flannel Day. They read books in class and took classroom favorite books home every week to read with their parents. They were right on target to meet their goal the week before Red Flannel Day so they took a field trip to Cedar Springs Public Library where Mrs. Clark and Miss Cassie encouraged them to keep reading. Two days later, Mrs. Clark made a surprise visit to Mrs. Shoffner’s class when they reached their reading goal!
Mrs. Clark brought them tickets to ride on the carnival rides at Red Flannel Day to congratulate them on reaching their reading goal! Mrs. Shoffner’s Class thanks Mrs. Clark, Miss Cassie and our parents for helping us reach our reading goal!