One of our most critical roles as Cedar Trails staff is to keep parents "in the know!" Top of Page

Our teachers do a wonderful job informing parents about classroom curriculum and events through their web pages, newsletters and other contacts. Updates will appear here to keep parents informed about school-wide events and programs. Teachers also communicate weekly via email with parents. The principal's door is always open for parents to express their concerns, ask questions, or make suggestions.

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School Supplies List

Preschool –
lunch bags (white or brown)
plastic spoons and knives
white paper plates (large or small)
Sticky /Post It notes
Kindergarten – 
#2 pencils
pink erasers
school glue
washable or dry erase markers
Crayola crayons (8-24 count)
Water-color paints (palette)
First Grade – 
Crayola crayons (16-24 count)
markers – thin or broad tip
dry-erase markers
#2 pencils/ black or blue stick pens (Bic or Flair)
pencil-top erasers or pink erasers
Please note – Cedar Springs Public Schools will ensure that your child has everything they need to learn. A donation of classroom supplies is not required, but is greatly appreciated.


Children will have celebrations during the school year. If you are interested in volunteering in your child’s class or participating in these celebrations, please contact the teacher. Please do not send invitations or gifts for individual birthday parties to school for distribution. Children excluded from the activity are easily upset and others get too excited and disrupt the school day.
In addition, we ask that you do not send flowers, balloons, etc. for individual students. If these are sent to school they will be delivered to your student at the end of the school day. If your child has a birthday treat to share, State Code mandates that they cannot be home baked. 
Dates for Holiday celebrations can be found on the calendar on our school homepage. Activities will vary by grade level and by classroom. Please look for those details from your child's classroom teacher.