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First best friend, first homework assignment, first presentation, first field trip, first bus ride...  

First grade is filled with many firsts and our team at Cedar Trails is excited to celebrate each of these with your student! 

1st grade includes many educational milestones.  Our team is dedicated to ensuring your student experiences those first moments in education and gets them excited for their journey as they grow.  As playtime slowly decreases, students spend more time focused on academics and a core curriculum.
What we teach
Our 1st-grade level is a comprehensive literacy and mathematics curriculum designed to give your 1st-grader a solid academic foundation.  

1st-graders will graduate understanding upper-and lower-case letters, matching those letters with their sounds, and printing them. Retelling familiar stories and talking about stories read to them using details from the text. Speaking clearly to express thoughts, feelings, and ideas, including descriptions of familiar people, places, things, and events. Comparing two groups of objects to tell which group, if either, has more; comparing two written numbers to tell which is greater. Adding with a sum of 10 or less; subtracting from a number 10 or less, and solving addition and subtraction word problems.
You can learn more about our academics by visiting our Academic Services Department page online.
Our 1st graders are also introduced to new aspects of learning in physical education, music, and art courses.
basketball and whistle iconElementary Physical Education
Physical education is important in early childhood not just for physical activity and fitness, but also provides cognitive content, and learning instruction, motor skills, and knowledge.  The skills students learn from the early ages carry on throughout their school journey.

music noteElementary Music Program
The Cedar Springs Elementary Music program educates students to become confident and independent musicians. The elementary music curriculum provides opportunities to explore sound through singing, moving, listening, and playing instruments.

art iconElementary Visual Art Curriculum
The Cedar Springs Elementary Visual Art Curriculum gives each student learning experiences and balanced art education. We provide four goals: art production, aesthetic perception, historical and cultural perspectives, and art criticism.
Suggested Supply List for 1st Grade: 
  • #2 pencils/ black or blue stick pens (Bic or Flair)
    • Bleach Wipes
    • Crayola crayons (16-24 count)
    • Dry-erase markers
    • Highlighters
    • Kleenex
    • Markers – thin or broad tip
    • Pencil-top erasers or pink erasers
    • School glue
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Teachers and Team

Beth Whaley, Principal

Courtney O’Brien, Dean of Students

Secretaries: Tara Black, Jenny Drew, Carrie Mellema 

Lyndsey Birdsong
Tricia Boggiano
Carolyn Brussow
Nicole Derylo

1st Grade Teachers

Jennifer Fisher
Kaylee Rupprect
Elise Saneford
Sara Shepard
Elizabeth Strain
Abbey Tiffany
Michelle Upham