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At Cedar Trails, we know children learn at their own pace and in different ways.  That is why we offer two programs designed to fit your child’s needs to create a strong foundation for their future learning.  

Students experience the start of their school journey by attending five days a week from 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.  Both programs include transportation through Cedar Springs Public Schools Transportation and meals available through our Food Services.

Our curriculum is hands-on, child-led play learning.  This approach allows children to learn from real experiences, engaging multiple areas of the brain, increase motor skills, and allows children to create a strong foundation needed for future learning.

young 5Young 5's at Cedar Trails

Our young 5 program is for those kids who are at kindergarten age but require further time to develop emotional, social, physical, and/or cognitive skills.  The program at Cedar Trails is five days a week, 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., and includes food services.  

Children may enroll in Young 5’s if they turn 5 between June 1 and September 1 of that school year.  Parents may also sign a waiver to enroll their child if they will be 5 before December 1st of that school year.  

kindergartenKindergarten at Cedar Trails

Kindergarten at Cedar Trails offers developmentally appropriate learning opportunities to help build a child’s social and academic skills.  Our curriculum follows Literacy, Science, Social Studies along with PE, Art, Music, and Reading using technology. 

You can enroll your child if they are 5 or older on September 1 of that school year.  Parents can sign a waiver to enroll younger children into kindergarten if they will be 5 before December 1st of that school year.
Suggested Supply List for Young 5/Kindergarten: 
  • #2 pencils
      • Bleach Wipes 
      • Crayola crayons (8-24 count)
      • Dry erase markers
      • Full-Sized Backpack
      • Kleenex 
      • Pink erasers
      • School glue
      • Washable markers
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Teachers and Team

Beth Whaley, Principal

Courtney O’Brien, Dean of Students

Secretaries: Tara Black, Jenny Drew, Carrie Mellema 

Young 5

Carrie Dault
Audrey Debri


Rhonda Bellamy
Heather Burns
Madison Garber
Elizabeth Glyshaw
Bernadette Jacobson
Sarah Kacprzyk
Jill Matthew
Rachel Pennock
Tara Reinke
Jenne Romanick
Tiffany Shoffner
Evan Solis
Kyla VanderWeide
Lynette Wolfe

Specials Staff

Kym Davis (Music)
Lisa Doncis (Y5/K Outdoor Lit)
Sadie Gallagher (Literacy Using Tech)
Chris Rypma (P.E.)
Laurie VanDam (Literacy Using Tech)
Herb VanderLugt (Art)